Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A (little) matter of jeans....

Today was beautiful. Again. We've been so lucky, or maybe it was just a really long winter. Whatever the reason, I'm loving the sunshine!

I'm looking out my window onto a very busy street. A lady wearing white jeans just walked by. I don't own a pair of white jeans, but I heard a fashion consultant on TV say that every lady should. I was thinking of buying a pair but I have really pale skin and I wonder if it would make me look washed out. I know this isn't exactly a brain busting decision, so maybe I'll just wait and see if I come across a funky pair.

I feel fortunate to have the time to worry about such a small thing. Bigger issues are ahead, but for now, I'm glad it's just jeans.


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any color jeans look good on you.

love u