Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life can be one squishy cherry mess...

The most exciting of my day was when I dropped a bag of cherries on the grocery store floor. They rolled everywhere as myself and the people around just watched helplessly. Flukes always take a few seconds for our brains to process. Maybe our brains get surprised and need to take a deep breath. After the shower of cherries found the floor, I was a bit embarrassed.

Luck was on my side and I was served by a cashier who was the sweetest of sweet. She was empathetic and didn't make a big deal of the cherry tumble. After kindly going to get me another bag, the cashier totally went out of her way to help me put my groceries in my bag. I was so grateful for her compassion. Sometimes the people who have served me at that grocery store haven't been friendly and I've wanted to ask them why they waste their energy being so rude. Other days, like today, the staff has been top notch.

If dropping cherries on the floor of the grocery store and being helped by a caring cashier was the most exciting part of my day, does that make me boring?

I forgot to mention that I rolled over some cherries as I was leaving the grocery store. Bright red juice dripped on the ground and between the treads of my wheelchair tires. If you didn't know better, you'd think someone was murdered or there was bloodshed. One look at my red tires and I'd be a prime suspect. That would be pretty exciting, wouldn't it?


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