Saturday, June 28, 2008

A quiet place in the middle of everything...

I slept for about an hour and a half last night, so I'm tired. For about six hours, I lay in bed watching sitcoms in syndication. Seinfeld is the best. It really is the show about nothing, so I guess it makes sense that it's perfect to tune into when there's nothing else to do or watch. The analogy would be: nothing to do = nothing to watch = nothing except the show about nothing is on TV. I can make simple matters pretty complex, huh?

It's sticky out today. The sun keeps peeking in and out and there's a grayish tone in the sky. A bunch of scantily clad ladies went by earlier on motorcycles. I saw some bare flesh as I looked out my window. Horns are honking every two seconds, but it's all good. It keeps me awake.

The Observer and I are meeting for dinner later. I hope the clouds stay away. He had a rough time yesterday, so I'm hoping he's doing better. The Observer spoiled me rotten. He bought me two awesome albums - Coldplay's Viva La Vita and Sarah McLaughlan's B Sides. I haven't been able to get B Sides out of my CD player. It's such a pretty album! I feel like my apartment is very zen while I'm listening Sarah's mellow songs. There's a wild party happening just outside my building, but I have this calm, quiet place to listen and watch. Everyone should have a place like that.



Lurker said...

I totally agree with you on Sarah Mclachlan's B-Sides album, such great collaborations (the one with Cindy Lauper and Bryan Adams are my personal faves).

There's nothing like putting on a little Sarah Mclachlan to relax you, it's great if you're feeling introspective too.

Oh, and Coldplay's Viva La Vita album is not bad either, it doesn't have any stand out songs like on their last album but its' still a good listen.

For me it usually takes quite a few listens to like an album (if I don't like it right away).


i'm glad O can make your home more peaceful