Sunday, June 29, 2008

A star among us...

Another summer weekend is just about gone.......It disappeared and that makes me a little sad. Time keeps flying. I visited my parents yesterday and stayed the night. As always, seeing them was great and I am well-rested, which always helps my mood stay even. Sleep is a wonderful drug. Downtown is still congested, but not like yesterday. The streets are noisy, and there's still a good deal of honking. I live very close to a bar and Sunday nights are the loudest of the week. I find this odd, because wouldn't you think people would have to work tomorrow?

The Observer and I saw the film The Love Guru. It had some funny parts, but wasn't really worth watching. I could think of better ways to spend an hour and a half, but at least the person sending beside me was premium quality material. Another good thing that came from seeing the movie was that Alan Thick the star of the '90's sitcom Growing Pains happened to be sitting in the theater with his relatives. We only knew that it was Alan Thick because the Observer and I know someone who works at the theater and he asked Alan about his favourite episode.

The Observer is having a hard adjustment to living on his own. He's had to deal with challenging people who rush him through personal care and activities of daily living. That's not fair or right. My heart goes out to the Observer. I know first-hand that living on a schedule sucks and isn't easy. Moving out is difficult and doubly tough when it means depending on others to function. I'm so proud of the Observer for trying out life as a bachelor. Today was not one of his better days, but when he saw Alan Thick, the Observer lit up like a street lamp. I always tell myself that TV stars are just people. I still think that, but if one can brighten the gloomy mood of someone I love, I must be grateful.


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the highlight was seeing you my love...thanks for putting up with me i know its not easy.

love u