Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I love summer. Outside is so warm, breezy, and light. People are in such good moods. It's easy to get from place to place with no coats, jackets or mittens. We just go.

I like sitting outside at night talking to friends or family - even in the dark it's peaceful and feels comforting.

As a kid, my summer memories were of camp - my favourite place on Earth. Weeks of laughter, no sleep , swimming, bugs, crafts, sugary juice, sand, flirting, pictures, music, friends, the pavillon, drama, late nights, reunions, campfires guitars, marshmellows and pure fun. Camp was amazing on a number of levels, but what I gained most was a sense of belonging and that will benefit me forever.

There are days when I would give my right arm to be at camp and experience all that sweetness and fun. There is nothing like it. I know that it was so special because I was young. Now, I'm a little older and may not see the value in some of the things I did then. Still though, I hear a classic campfire song and ache for camp. After the ache fades, I smile at all my funny recollections and remember that to everything there is a season. I am be too old for camp, but it's summer and it's beautiful.


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camp memories are important plain and simple