Monday, June 16, 2008

To apologize...

What is the purpose of an apology? Is it for the person giving the apology or the one receiving it? Or both???

I say sorry to show my awareness that I made a mistake - or that I see something wrong or unfortunate. That's about me.

When I've been apologized to, I've appreciated the gesture, but it hasn't changed what came before the apology; something awful happened, someone hurt me or an error occurred.

Maybe apologizing is to say, "I screwed up, forgive me."or "I understand that what you're going through is awful and I want you to know that I realize this."

Maybe apologizing is acknowledgement and maybe there are times when that's all that is possible. As much as we might want to, we can't go back in time. We all have regrets. Perhaps apologies and regrets are in the same family.

No harm can be done by apologizing, but I suppose it can ill received if timing is off.

I'm getting complicated here. I apologize.


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just apologize when you do something wrong.

love u