Friday, June 13, 2008

Water, water, everywhere!

The rain came pouring down tonight. All of sudden, we were hit with a storm. I watched out my sun room window as people ran for cover. There was screaming, laughing and mad rushing. It was fun to witness, especially because I was (and still am) dry in my cozy apartment. Rain was in the forecast all day and the sky was teasing us with little drops every once in a while. I'm glad the rain held off until tonight because I got to wheel to a quaint sushi restaurant with a good friend in the afternoon. I enjoyed the girl to girl conversation and the sushi was yummy and affordable. Our servers were so sweet and gave us tempura on the house. I think I'll go back soon. I don't forget special service - or delicious food.

I'm glad it rained. It's been hot and sticky, so hopefully the moisture will help. Water is so purposeful. Speaking of H20, it's time for my last glass before hitting the sack.



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love ur post before bed........sooooooo sweet.