Friday, June 06, 2008

What A Wonderful World...

I was brushing my teeth tonight and the remark of "What A Wonderful World" came on the radio. Whenever I hear this song, I stop what I'm doing and remember Ian. Ian is my ex boyfriend. He's in heaven now. Ian had a major influence on me, both in life and after his death. He was my best friend, then arch enemy and now he's my closest connection to the after life. Ian represents laughter, love, heartbreak, time, eternity and my growth as a person. He showed me that life is mostly good, even though sometimes it sucks.

"What A Wonderful World" was the song used for a slide show of Ian's life at his funeral. Dozens of shots of Ian as a baby, a young hockey player, a teasing brother, a loyal son and friend, a caring boyfriend, a sports fanatic and a gifted writer filled the screen. At the time, I was in such shock and grief that I may not have been fully present, but I remember that song. I remember that it seemed to fit the theme of Ian's life. In spite of challenges and unfairness, Ian made humor and fun his legacy.

I used to get emotional and a little queasy hearing "What A Wonderful World" but now it makes me happy. Time really is a great healer and it really is a wonderful world, even though it can break your heart.


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