Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adventures in coffee...

I made three purchases today. I bought romaine lettuce, cinnamon English muffins and a Tim Hortons coffee. Wait, it gets more exciting. After buying my coffee, I sat at a table in the shop and struggled to open my coffee. I could feel eyes on me. I've felt them before in coffee shops. Sometimes people offer to move chairs at a table, so I can sit closer or sometimes they ask to help me open my lid. I appreciate every gesture. It's heartwarming and reminds me that people are mostly good. However, a part of me gets a bit tired of telling people, "Thanks anyway, but I'm OK," See, I've opened thousands of coffees, sat at many coffee shops, and drank coffee through a straw countless times. I don't really need to be told that it's hot, but it's sweet that people are concerned. After struggling with countless coffee lids, I have realized that, even though it may be challenging, I can open them, so please let me. Yes, it may be tough, but if I can do something on my own, I want to.

There have been times when people have insisted on helping me and won't take no for an answer - like today. This funky looking man who needed a good shower came over to my table and said my coffee was too hot and the lid needed to come off. Hoping to shift his attention, I asked him to move the chair. Nice try. Before I could stop him, the lid on my coffee was off. Lidless coffees make me nervous. They are a big spilling risk. Strange men touching my coffee make me more nervous. How do I know where his hands have been?

I came home and looked at myself in the mirror. After sticking my tongue out, I realized it was green. What if I contracted some strange disease? Not likely, I know. At least the guy's intentions were good, even though he wasn't the best listener.


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