Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Between the pages...

Today has been relaxing. After breakfast I went to the outside of a plaza that is nearby and read in the sun. I am reading a trilogy that is pure chick lit. The stories are packed with drama, betrayal, sex, scandal, and manipulation. Turning each page is kind of like watching a scene of a chick flick. It's mindlessly amusing and embarrassing to admit how enjoyable the story actually is. I wouldn't usually choose such light reading material, but it's summer, right?

Wherever I go, I carry a book with me. Since I have been reading this trilogy, strangers have stopped me in a coffee shop, a restaurant and on the street because they read the same novels and they wanted my opinion so far. It felt kind of pleasant to have strangers ask me what I think of something, even if the books aren't the most intellectual to discuss. I think I mentioned that I am borrowing the trilogy from my Mom. If she and those strangers I bumped into read and enjoyed the novels, they can't be that bad. Maybe a good book or trilogy doesn't always have to widen our brains. Maybe good books also exist to read during those lazy, hazy days of summer. Maybe some novels only exist to transport us to more dramatic, exotic places. Ocaisionally, as I am learning, strangers who might never otherwise meet stop and talk about a book they have in common. I'm all for anything that connects people on a friendly level including drama, betrayal, sex, scandal and manipulation - just as long as I'm only reading about it, not living it.


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