Monday, July 07, 2008

Books, Wall-E, and hot, hot tea...

It's pretty hot out today. I didn't really do much. I went shopping, so that's how I know it's warm out. Plus, it just feels warm out, you know? There's heat in the air or stickiness. I stocked up on cleaning supplies - Pine Sol, Swiffer Dry Clothes, Comet, and toothpaste. I guess the toothpaste could be considered a toiletry, but it's all cleaning related, right?

The Observer and I saw the animated movie Wall-E. It was entertaining and cute, but had a deeper message of what is ahead if we continue to over-use our natural resources and become over-indulgent in general. The Observer was the first to pick up on the cautionary message. He impressed me.

I've been doing a lot of light reading. Books that are entertaining and easy. My Mom has been sharing her books. I'm kind of enjoying the change of pace. Being summer, I guess it all fits together. Reading books that are a little unrealistic and over dramatic is therapeutic for me. It takes me away from stress and the seriousness of real life, which is good once in a while.

My grandma gave me a flowering tea pot and flowering tea for Christmas. It's been sitting in my cupboard and I just decided to try it tonight. I didn't use the teapot, and the tea leaves opened up beautifully in a big mug. The flower looks so pretty and the tea smells flowery too. My Grandma finds the coolest gifts.

I'm going to drink my tea before it cools...


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grandmas are the best teachers of life love and lessons i know it has nothing to do with your post I Just wanted to share.