Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quality tube time...

I don't know what to say. My day is almost over. The Observer came to visit. We had a nice day. The plan was to go to dinner at my favourite local Italian restaurant. Since my stomach is a bit off, we decided to postpone our dinner plans. I hope the Observer didn't mind. He's too sweet to say so. We hung out and chatted for the afternoon. After dinner we made a Starbucks stop. My coffee was delicious and hit the spot. I owe the Observer his favourite iced coffee on our next coffee date. We got a bit wet coming home, but it was worth it.

I watched some of Big Brother 10, the Observer's favourite show. Never having seen it before, it was hard for me to gage the competition, but I did notice a few blond girls. They are probably part of why the Observer enjoys the show so much. After Big Brother 10, we watched Celebrity Rehab, another show I had never seen. It was interesting - reality TV for the troubled rich and famous. I don't normally watch those types of TV shows at that time, but sometimes it's not what you watch on TV that counts, but who you watch TV with.


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awe i'm glad you enjoyed it sweety

love u