Friday, July 25, 2008

Living it up...

Friday has arrived! The sun is shinning. All signs point to a good day. The streets are full of people. I hear trucks. I've had a good morning. I'm full. I just ate two English muffins and some dried apricots. I'm going to burst.

Yesterday the Observer and I had fun afternoon. We went to a coffee shop and talked. I love those kind of dates. He was trying to resist buying dessert. I admired his strength, but could tell he really wanted a sweet treat. With my urging, he finally bought himself an apple sundae, which looked yummy. I believe in splurging, even though I probably do so more than I should. Depriving oneself only causes a stronger craving, so I say it's best to give into the occasional treat to avoid an even bigger splurge down the road.

I had a yummy, frothy cappuccino courtesy of the sweet Observer. I loved it! I'm not a big fan of fancy coffees but do enjoy the odd cappuccino. After finishing my coffee and slurping up every last bit of foamy goodness, I still felt the need for a regular coffee, so I got one. Cappuccinos have one shot of espresso and taste quite sweet. Being a big fan of strong coffee, the fancy java leaves me craving the plainer, bolder tastes. Don't get me wrong; both kinds of coffee are delicious, but they are even more delicious when drank consecutively. Of course, the double dose created quite the buzz. I felt a bit jumpy and it took me a bit to fall asleep, but I didn't mind at all. We only live once, so over-caffeinating occasionally is worth a mild case of the jitters.


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u do love ur coffee