Thursday, July 24, 2008

My best friend...

My oldest and closest friend is in Africa. She's a world traveller. Two years ago she went to teach and take pictures in Japan. As a professional photographer, I know how valuable her trip is to her career, her growth as a person and her outlook on life in general. Those who see the world see much. I'm so proud of my friend. To be in a different country must be so exciting - both in the good and scary way. She isn't scared of much and loves adventure. Everyone who loves her worries about her. We all miss her. She knows it. My friend also knows that travelling is what she needs to do for herself right now, that she won't be happy unless she is on the move and that life is one big opportunity that she isn't going to waste.

I miss my old friend tonight. I'd love to sit and talk with her. What is she doing right this moment? I am a bit sad, but I hope she is happy, healthy and safe. I am positive that my friend can survive on her own, but being alone can't be easy, no matter how independent one is. Hopefully someone is taking care of my special buddy when she is homesick or needs help. That's all I ask of the other side of the world.


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she is always there when u need her heart+soul

love u