Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rain, rain, down it came...

The rain came pounding. I got caught in the downpour just a few hours ago. It really came down hard. There was no way not to get wet. I saw cars getting flooded. My taxi driver stopped on the side of the road until the rain levelled a bit. He was kind and calm. Thank goodness.

I'm listening to a pretty song called Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez. It's sweet and mellow - just my style. There's a coffee house station on Yahoo Radio that I enjoy. The Observer recommended it.

We met for dinner tonight, and just as we were paying, the fire alarm went off and the whole restaurant evacuated. I had frozen yogurt, which was about $3.00. I didn't pay for it, which feels strange.

Maybe I'll leave a little cash for a charity. Good luck is a blessing and sometimes it's important to pay it forward.

Thanks for reading about my day. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow.


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always a tinge of excitement my love in ur life