Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The tide of life...

It's another sunny hump day. Gotta love summer, huh? I keep thinking about the long, snowy winter that just passed and it makes me appreciate this time of year. We had about eight big snow storms this winter. There were a few days when it was difficult to even leave home, so lots of people stayed inside, myself included. I didn't have a computer for a while, so that left me with a lot of time to think and read. I didn't mind, although I missed writing.

The winter was so long, severe, cold and snowy. People kept saying how they wished that it would just end. My Mom was recovering from her heart attack and my family was still very shaken up. Mom was trying to come to terms with almost losing her life and we were all very concerned about her. Some days life was calm, but others were seeped with anxiety. Both the bitter, chilly weather and the calmer, seasonal climate seemed to reflect how I felt about my life at the time. I think of that period like waves in the ocean. There were days when the tide brought huge, drastic, knock-your-socks-off waves and other days when the tide was quiet and peaceful. It only took seconds for things to change.

Winter is over. It's warm now. Mom is recovered. It's important to keep trudging ahead, and not to spend too much time looking back.

I learned an important lesson from this past winter. Pain, illness, sadness and discomfort can't be avoided, but everything passes.


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