Saturday, July 26, 2008

To good health...

I was having a pity party for myself this afternoon. My stomach was really giving me a rough time. I took drastic measures (that are too personal and invasive to name) and they failed. When my only-in-the-event-of-an-emergency tactics backfire, I get very stressed. I was home visiting my parents and was very grumpy. Being that I only see them about once a week, I try to visit in high spirits. Mom and Dad understand my stomach issues but I hate behaving miserably around them. They deserve a happy daughter. Their puppy Sophie made me laugh. She loves to lick my ears. A dog's tongue is sure tickley when it's inside an ear canal. It's impossible not to squeal.

I left for home in less than chirpier spirits, which makes me sad. Now I feel much better, so I wish I could rewind the end of our visit and change my mood from gloomy to sunny. It's a beautiful night outside so I guess all I can do is enjoy it. The world is so much brighter when we are feeling healthy. Sometimes it takes time and effort to reach this stage, but I can't think of anything more worthwhile than achieving wellness. Doing so makes everything around us meaningful, especially the sensation of having a puppy lick one's ear.


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