Tuesday, July 01, 2008

To stop and chat or not to stop and chat?

My glasses are dirty. The world is blurry. Today is Canada Day. It's a holiday here, but public places are still open. I hear the "poof" of fireworks, but I can't see them. I bet they are pretty. I could have gone to check them out, but I wasn't sure how busy or safe my area would be when it's this dark and this late, so I'm just listening.

The Observer and I went out for dinner to a very pretty part of the city. I'm so full. Somehow the lens of the Observer's glasses popped off as he was eating ice cream. It was bizarre and funny. I hope he gets his glasses fixed soon. On the way home, I bumped into an acquaintance who also uses a wheelchair. I have known her for a while and she knows me well too. We said hello and I wasn't sure if she wanted to stop and chat or keep moving. I usually introduce people I'm with to people I meet by chance, but I didn't today, because my acquaintance was moving and talking at the same time. I hope I didn't snub her off or seem rude. What's worse having someone snub you off or be caught talking when you just want to move?

If I run into this lady soon, maybe I''ll tell her that I couldn't really see her because my glasses were blurry. It's sort of true.