Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To talk or gossip???

I'm looking out my window. It's just starting to get dark. There are people on their bikes. The air is cooler than I thought. These days it's hard to know the temperature or weather unless you go outside.

I met an old friend for dinner tonight. It was fun and good to catch up. I was able to wheel to the restaurant, which is always so convenient. Life doesn't always work that way, but when it does, I am always grateful. Living downtown can be loud and slightly unsafe, but the benefits certainly out number the not-so-great parts.

Gossiping is something I try to avoid. I'm very curious and ask lots of questions. I guess I can be a busy body. I don't look for information to use against people, which would be gossiping. Whenever I get together with a female friend, we end up talking about mutual friends/acquaintances. We update each other on what we know and predict about their lives. Is that gossipping? We refrain from being mean but we can be judgemental. There's where the line between passing information and digging dirt gets crossed. On the flip side, if we just talked about ourselves, wouldn't that be very self-indulgent and pretty boring? Maybe talking about others is OK, but ripping them apart is wrong.

I see lots of men walking down the street this evening carrying bags that resemble purses. In my area, men carrying purses wouldn't that strange. A man wearing a skirt would be quite common too. I don't mean to gossip...........


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