Saturday, July 05, 2008

A visit home...

I've been visiting my parents for the last three days. They are my favourite people to hang out with. I don't normally stay so long, so it's been fun. On the downside, I have had some stomach troubles, but that is quite average - nothing unusual, just life. Home is so comforting and safe. I'm lucky to have such a great family. I say this all the time, but it's so true. Having just lost our dog Maddie, Mom and Dad are understandably sad. Over my visit, I would catch Mom's puffy eyes or Dad staring off into space. It's all part of grief, but it's difficult to watch those we love hurt. Reminders of Maddie are everywhere, which makes sense, because she was such an important part of our family. I know it will get easier for my parents to get used to life without Maddie. My Mom believes that Maddie is running in a field somewhere with her ears flapping. I like to think Mom is right.


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