Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A brighter day...

Sweet, sweet, relief! Well, my stomach troubles are sorted out. I woke up miserable this morning. I still felt nasty and as huge as an elephant. Within seconds of honouring the call of nature, I felt like a whole new me. My sore back disappeared and my energy returned. Instead of resembling a huge elephant, I felt like my usual, chunky self.

Taking advantage of my brightened state, I picked up my other purse (which only held cash, not my cell phone or bank cards) and went to the St. Lawrence where I browsed through the funky, fresh, stuff. I bought a tiny flask of maple syrup for the Observer's relatives from Belgium.

There's a new store close to the market that is affiliated with Loblaws called Joe Fresh that I have wanted to check out for a while. I liked their clothes and spent a long time debating whether I really needed anything new. It was the usual "before purchase" routine of, "Will I wear this? Do I need it? Is there anything similar already in my closet?" It took me half an hour to finally leave the store with a pink and red tunic-style top. I reasoned that it would hide my bulges. I don't often buy clothes unless I specifically need them. The odd time I do, I have a habit of buying a coffee shortly after my big purchase. It's bit like having pie and ice cream. No one needs both, but if we're already indulging, what difference does it make to indulge a little more? My logic is slightly twisted, but coffee fogs my judgement.

Halfway into my apartment, I noticed the garbage can down. The garbage can is ALWAYS standing up. For a second, fear ran through me along with thoughts of an intrider. Seconds later, I realized that, yes there was a man in my apartment. It was my Dad. Years ago, he had made a spare key to get into my place in an emergency or if, like today, I was shopping minus my cell phone and he was up for a visit. I am so glad he has a key. Though he rarely uses it, just knowing that he can reach me anytime is comforting.

Dad and I went for sushi. I loved hanging out with him. It's been a while since we've had some top-notch time for just us. The sushi was good, but any food is enjoyable when I eat in the company of my favourite father. We finished the night by having coffee at a shop near my building. There was a man washing windows before we went into the coffee shop. He stopped and said, "Let me hold the door open for you and your lovely daughter, sir." My dad thanked him and told the man that I needed my hair washed, so it would be great if he could do it while he had all the right supplies. We all laughed. Moments like that are rare.

Remember how yesterday I was so miserable and I hoped a good sleep would change my perspective? It took my body's cooperation, some shopping, and a surprise visit from Dad to make my day nearly perfect. I asked for Dad's opinion on my new Joe Fresh shirt. After giving it a good look, he said, "Doesn't it look like one you already own?" I'm not meant to keep that shirt, but it did make my day a happy memory.


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