Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buzzed up...

My new shirt is too big. I show too much cleavage. For some ladies, this would be a good thing. For me, no thanks. I do like to feel feminine and curvy, but not when it involves showcasing my chest. The attendant who helped me try on my shirt suggested maybe I need a smaller size. The more I think about it, buying another short-sleeved shirt is silly; summer is almost over.

I had trouble sleeping last night. My mind was buzzing. I ordered a decaf coffee last night so that I could sleep. Dad brought my coffee to our table. He takes his black, so he's not used to having to put milk or sugar in a cup of java for a more complicated connoisseur like me. He mentioned a few times that he may have mixed up my decaf and his regular coffee. As I lay in bed with my thoughts whirling, I had to agree. Thankfully, I'm not too tired today.

I am just about to go run some errands. People sometimes stare at me because of my wheelchair. Having lived my whole life with this minor annoyance, I am accustomed to long, curious glances from strangers. I know they are only unsure of a girl who is a bit different. I try not to emphasize my differences. If people stare at me today, it won't be because my chest is on display.


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Sorry about the shirt hun