Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cavities found a home in my mouth...

I was always proud of the fact that I never had a cavity. Notice I am writing in past tense. My dentist informed me that there are little ones forming between my teeth. We can't be lucky forever, can we? At least she's a kind dentist. It's better to hear bad news from someone who has manners and compassion. While getting my teeth checked out, I enjoyed staring at the funky coloured light hanging over my head. It's yellow, white, red and orange all crammed together to make one mesmerizing sight. The hygienist was pleasant too. She made polite conversation and was wearing orange scrubs which automatically earned her points with me. A conversation in the dentist chair is very one-sided. Talking while one's mouth is being held open and prodded with a big metal instrument is impossible. I suppose this isn't news to those in the business of teeth. I would rather have one person talking than stone silence, especially since going to the dentist is a bit unnerving.

Being home is always so special. I am very lucky. My parents' new puppy is named Riley. It's official now. She's bonkers. Her favourite thing to do is bite my shoelaces or anything else she can reach. All puppies do these things I guess. It's all new to me because the two other dogs in our family previously were past the puppy stage.

My Grandma had to go to California, so she left my Grandpa in a respite house for ten days. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that surprised the rest of my family. Grandpa has rarely been away from Grandma in the last few years since his memory started to deteriorate. My parents have been visiting Grandpa and he seems happy. He doesn't know where he is and maybe that's better. I hear he's been socializing so at least he is himself. Grandpa is also clean, safe and well fed and that's what matters. Grandpa isn't home, but I hope he feels as though he is. After just leaving home myself, I can say for certain that there is no substitute for that comfort. If my theory that the notion of home is not particularly a place as much as a feeling we experience from sharing the company of others, Grandpa is OK.


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grandpa will survie