Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The world sure feels different after a good sleep. Actually, it's my perspective that changes - not so much the world. I was so tired last night. I read before bed and I am surprised I was able to do that. Reading requires focus and that's hard to do when one is exhausted.

Mom called this morning and gave me a report on my family. My sister-in-law is feeling well so far. Hopefully she is one of the "lucky" ones who doesn't experience too many side effects from chemotherapy. I imagine that she is a little nervous because this is her first treatment, so she doesn't know what to expect. My sister-in-law keeps reminding herself that she has one treatment down and seven to go. She's keeping her eye on the end of the road, which is good.

My brother is very uncomfortable and not sleeping well. He's trying a stronger medication today. Hopefully he will get some relief. He and his wife have a big, sweet, goofy retriever named Brophy. Brophy is staying with my sister-in-law's family until things calm down. Brophy is the light of their lives and they are really missing him. My Mom is going to visit my brother and his wife. She is bringing their new puppy, Riley (pictured above!) upon my brother's request. It must be possible to have dog withdrawal. There is nothing like a puppy bounding around to remind us that life is one great adventure.

I love listening to music on my computer. Last night I put my computer on sleep mode without fully turning off the music. The computer was in mid song. Half an hour later, I heard this weird buzzing and the rest of the song came on blaring. I was totally startled until I realized the noise my music. I was just listening to a song by Adele called Hometown. Adele has a folk, jazz, classic sound. I think she is an English artist. Hometown is the first song of hers that I have heard. I liked her style, so maybe I'll try out more of her stuff.

A song by Scarlett Johassen (the actress) called Falling Down just came on the Yahoo Radio Station. The background sound is funky, but I'm not taken by her voice. I get the feeling the instrumental part of the song is trying to mask Scarlett Johassen's (almost) average voice. Isn't she working on a second album? Falling Down is a reminder that one ought to stick to doing what is natural, instead of getting too confident and being something that one is not. I applaud anyone willing to try something new, but when the first attempt doesn't go well, why try a second time?

My jeans are a bit tight. I feel like a fat, bloated elephant. I am worried that I am becoming a chunky monkey. My face is becoming rounder each day. I ate a salad with the Observer today, came home and ate more salad and proceeded to ruin my good intentions by eating a brownie and a shortbread cookie. I am aware of how superficial and self-absorbed my food and weight worries may seem, but when things aren't completely stable in my life, my weight is the first thing on my mind. Crazy, isn't it?

I like to tell myself that we all behave or think in ways that don't always make sense. Maybe that's how we stay sane. Take me - I'm a pretty stable girl but my biggest fear is that I'll become overweight.




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