Monday, August 04, 2008

An exciting and yummy long weekend ritual...

Today was fun. The Observer and I have a tradition of hanging out on holiday Mondays and spending the afternoon outside. We usually go on adventures exploring the area and seeing what we bump into along the way. Some would call that getting lost. To me, it's a big adventure. I find it thrilling to locate a place I didn't know existed. Now that I live in the middle of everything, I am intrigued to learn how much is at my doorstop or within my reach. I don't think the Observer shares my need for exploring, but he comes along and never complains. I'm very lucky he's so easy going.

Every holiday Monday since summer began, we've gone to a classy Italian restaurant in a quaint little neighbourhood. The atmosphere is peaceful, the service is always pleasing and the food has never disappointed. The menu includes foods that the Observer's mother often cooks, which is comforting to both of us. Traditions like these are special to me and I'll remember them when I'm an old lady.


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i love lonng weekends with u its never a dull moment.