Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting through...

Dad stopped by to see me today. It was a sweet surprise. He drove my sister-in-law to the hospital for chemo and it's not far from my apartment. I'm not sure how things are going for her now. I don't want to call and ask in case something is going on or no one can talk. I hope she is OK.

My brother sounded a bit rough when I talked to him today, but he was still joking with me which is a good sign. My Mom is with him, which helps them both. Mom would worry herself into the ground if she didn't see my brother for herself. I suppose most Moms would, but mine seems to be even more anxious because she is a nurse.

I couldn't sleep last night. Starbucks past 6:00 p.m. isn't smart. You would think I would learn, but coffee is my addiction. I went out for sushi with a friend and we usually finish our evening with a visit to Starbucks. Of course I'm not one to turn a chance for coffee down, even in the early evening hours. I asked for a tall (small) coffee, but they gave me a grande (medium). The made a mistake and gave me a cafe au lait (a coffee made with half milk and half coffee) when I just wanted a regular coffee with milk. They corrected the order after I politely said they made a mistake. I felt fuzzy asking them to redo my order, so I wasn't about to point out they got the size of the coffee wrong too. It would have been smarter to order decaf, but my brain doesn't always kick in when the smell of coffee is everywhere.

The sun is shinning, but the wind makes the air a bit chilly. I'm pretty tired. I had a piece of pie and a piece of cake this afternoon. I was very naughty. All that sugar must be getting to me. I am glad this week is getting underway for my family. They say the only way out is through. Hopefully that is true. It's impossible to predict what the future holds for any of us, so we all keep moving toward it - that's our only option. It's a bonus if we enjoy the journey and feel sunshine along the way.