Saturday, August 23, 2008

A morning at the market...

I met my sister and my soon-to-be-brother-in-law at the St. Lawrence Market this morning. I love going there. Any opportunity to hang out with my sister is important, but especially at the market. The weather is just too beautiful not to be outside. There is a delicious, rich coffee they sell that always makes me happy. That coffee alone reason to stop by the St. Lawrence Market. It's Buskerfest downtown this weekend, so the market was even busier than usual. I enjoy the challenge of getting through the crowds without bashing into passerby in my wheelchair. I accidentally backed into a lady who was sitting eating at a table, but she was kind and understanding. I have come across people who are not as understanding, so I really appreciate when people realize I made a mistake. My brother-in-law was acting as my shield by walking in front, so we made a good team.

My Mom has a tea cozy that is thirty years old. It's stained, faded and ugly. I have been searching for a new one for months. A major reason for going to the St. Lawrence Market today was to look for a tea cozy. My brother-in-law helped me find a huge assortment. We spent a while trying to pick out a tea cozy that matched Mom's taste and house decor. I think we found just the one. My brother-in-law has good taste, so I trust his opinion. I didn't buy the tea cozy yet, but now I know where they are sold and will go back and spend another sunny Saturday morning there. Some tasks are worth taking time to complete.

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