Monday, August 25, 2008

Only family...

I just heard an eerie scream. It's late and dark. Those factors make the scream more freaky. My music is on now. The noise will block out any activities I would rather not hear. Sometimes being oblivious keeps me happy.

The weather was colder than I expected. There was a windy chill in the air. I wore my capri pants. I am sad to think that I have already made the most of my summer wardrobe. More summer days have passed than are left to enjoy.

Mom and I talked for a while on the phone today. This isn't unusual. I enjoy our talks. Mom asked when I'm coming home again. I told her that I wasn't sure but it wouldn't be long. She said, "I'll make you salad."

I had to smile. I love salad and Mom knows it. Her offer was so sweet and pure. My heart surges of affection for her all the time, especially when she says simple things like she'll make food for me. I don't come home for the salad; I come to feel that love that we only feel for family. Of course, the salad is good too.


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salad is the way to your heart.