Friday, August 15, 2008

A peachier perspective...

I'm grooving to Ben Harper's Burn One Down and having a kick-arse party-for-one.

I feel calmer now. That's ironic because I just had an Americano coffee from Starbucks. The Observer was here this afternoon. We hung out and talked, which is always a good time.

I have been trying to focus on more positive, happy topics other than last night's drama with my attendant. The manager of my attendant care paid me a visit this afternoon. I told her how angry I was over last night's confrontation and felt much better. She heard me and will act appropriately. Part of me is worried about more trouble, but on the bright side, it can't get much worse.........there's only up from here.

Last night the Observer and I went out for dinner. It was actually my second dinner since I had eaten before leaving home. I was being very indulgent, but I was physically hungry. I ordered soup and crackers and also ate half of the Observer's nachos. It was an enjoyable feast.

On the way back from the restaurant to our bus stop, it poured rain. Getting wet is OK with me, but when I saw lightening my anxiety shot up. I get so freaked out by bolts in the sky. I was pretty snappy to the Observer because I just wanted to get indoors. I feel bad for being rude. We made it safely inside and bought hot coffee that warmed me right up. The coffee shop employee who took my order had little paw print tattoos on her arm. She was friendly, so I was about to say, "I like your paws," when I realized how funny that sounded and couldn't stop laughing. She must have thought I was nuts.

I don't know what tonight will bring with my attendant, but for now it's just Ben and I burning one down.