Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ring, Ring, Screech, Screech!

My phone has been ringing off the hook today. I woke up to it ringing and it hasn't stopped for more than half an hour today. My wheelchair has been making a weird screeching noise for the past week. Whenever something feels a bit off with my wheelchair, I try to get it checked out right away, In my experience, it's a lot easier to get a small problem fixed before the same issue turns into a big one. Well, since making the appointment with the repair technician, I haven't noticed my wheelchair screeching as much. It's like making a doctor's appointment and when the day it's time to go comes around, we feel better.

The technician knows me well and is pleasant. Though I didn't have a wheelchair problem, he did fix up my shower chair so all was not lost. My shower chair has been difficult to push. He cleaned and oiled the wheels. There was enough hair stuck to them to make a wig. It looked like all my hair which makes sense. It would be a bit change if it were red, blond, black or grey hair since it is a shower chair. Who else would need sit in it besides me? In an emergency, I think the Observer did, but he has no hair to lose. The top of his head is as smooth and bald as an egg. The Observer's head is one of his best attributes. People love rubbing the top of his noggin.

Speaking of the Observer, we are meeting for coffee tonight. It's been a week since we've seen each other, so I'm looking forward to catching up. Coffee is a bonus too.

The phone stopped ringing. It's quiet and peaceful. For how long, I have no idea.


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i missed u 2 hun frapps rock