Saturday, August 16, 2008

The sad truth of losing touch with reality...

There's sunshine streaming through my window. It's refreshing not to wake up to rain. I didn't sleep well last night. Maybe it was the Starbucks coffee that kept my eyes open. I'm a bit tired, but not exhausted. My mind is on my family as usual.

Grandpa is having a rough time at the respite home where he's staying. He was not feeling well yesterday when my Mom went to visit. I think he had plumbing issues. I know how uncomfortable that can be. Late last night Mom got another phone call from the staff to say Grandpa was causing quite the disturbance. He thought he was the owner of a building and the place was being trespassed. By the time my Mom arrived, Grandpa had calmed down and the staff said that they thought it must if she left before Grandpa saw her. She sounded so tired on her way home. This morning Grandpa kept asking to go home, get his pajamas and go to sleep. He was trying to follow my Mom home. I think part of her wanted to let him.

I don't know who Alzheimer's is harder on - the person who has the memory loss or the family. Grandpa will forget where he is, but Mom know that things are only going to get more difficult. In a way, I hope Grandpa soon forgets the he is respite care. Maybe Grandpa will be happier if he doesn't realize that he's away from home. Sometimes losing touch with reality is easier than living in it. Isn't that a bittersweet fact?


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