Friday, August 01, 2008

Sleep, sweet, sleep...

It's Friday and that's always good news. The sun is shinning. I had trouble sleeping last night. I probably had an hour of rest, so I don't feel too sharp today. There is no sense wasting a day being miserable. Behaving grumpy just makes me feel worse afterwards. It's strange how that works.

I'm hanging out with the Observer this afternoon. He knows that I haven't slept well, so at least he has warning. He's pretty understanding. I'm hoping to go and sleep at my parents' house tonight. It will mean less travelling and I am in the mood to see my family. Though it's been five years since I left home, I still feel homesick every now and then. Maybe I always will. There is no other place that brings me such comfort. Not everyone feels this way about their home, so I know I am lucky. I may be tired, but I'm never too tired to look forward to going home.

There is a quote that says, "Home is where the heart is." I believe home is wherever one can be surrounded by family and loved ones. Maybe home is not necessarily a place as much as the act of spending time with those we love, so our heart naturally comes into play. I am getting a bit complicated for having a fuzzy mindset. I am already excited for some top notch sleep tonight, which will happen whether I am home or at my apartment, so I'll be fine whenever I am. Everything is better at home, but a good sleep is refreshing wherever we can get it.


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