Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thirsty for one thing...

The Observer was so sweet today. He's never not sweet but he did something that warmed my heart. I was thirsty all afternoon, but tried to ignore it. I learned this isn't possible. We had frozen yogurt, which helped for a short time, but I couldn't stop thinking about water. I hadn't had my afternoon coffee fix. I thought maybe giving into my caffeine addiction, my thirst would quenched. At the coffee shop, I asked for a coffee over ice and asked them to put skim milk and two sweetener - just like I have my hot coffee. The barista said they never advise putting milk and sugar in iced coffee. Excuse me. If one is paying for a cup of premium java, should he or she not be allowed to put whatever is desired? I didn't see the point in arguing, so I just had a hot brewed coffee as she advised. Who knew there is a coffee drinking protocol?

After the first sip of my hot Irish Cream coffee, I knew it wasn't going to do it. I did think of asking for a glass of water with ice, but given how sticky the girl became over iced coffee with milk and sugar, I didn't want to push my luck. I was still very thirsty. The Observer offered to go get me some water. Normally I would say "no" because I'd want to do it myself, but not this time. I asked him to ask for a cup with a lid and a straw. Isn't he awesome? After three minutes later, the Observer came outside where I sat with some, delicious, refreshing, cold h2o. The first sip kicked my Irish Cream coffee's bottom. It was heaven.

I learned today that when my body needs water, nothing else will do. Having a special guy to get it for me is a sweet bonus too.