Friday, August 29, 2008


I am a little sad that the last official weekend of summer is upon us. I love that fall is getting closer, but fall turns into winter which I don't dig. There is something so freeing about being able to go out without a jacket.

Last night I met the Observer's aunt and uncle from Belgium. They were very sweet. Neither of them spoke much English, so there was little conversation between us. I did a lot of smiling and nodding. They brought me a pretty scarf and chocolate, a very thoughtful gesture. I could tell how much the Observer's parents are enjoying having family here. There was a contentment in the eyes of Observer's father and his mother was happily and expertly being a six-star hostess. The Observer loves company and I am always touched by how important it is to him that I meet significant family and friends in his life. He was translating for me and getting mixed up. It was cute, funny and slightly irritating all at once. The Observer is considerate in some unique ways.

Today I was a bit angry over some political drama involving my attendant care. There is one staff member who is engaging in silly, pointless, power struggles. She annoys, upsets and flusters me. Before I went to bed last evening, her bizarre behaviour had me so confused. My head was spinning trying to figure her out. Her complaints and weird ways left me baffled. Having ruffled feathers makes it challenging to sleep, but I did manage to catch some shut eye. A fresh start and some reassuring words from a trusted friend made me feel better. There are some things in life not worth understanding. I learned last night that communication doesn't only happen through speaking the same language; it can happen in a house full of love and family, and that can be comprehended in any language.



Lurker said...


That's cool that you got to meet more of your boyfriends family. And I hear you on the language thing. I had Matt over a few weeks ago to meet my niece (he's already met my sis before) and I had to do translating the whole night. It's not easy let me tell you, I kept getting mixed up too, at one point I was speaking to Matt in Polish lol. It wasn't the first time that's ever happened so we always have a good laugh about it.


I'm sorry I iritated u hun I did not mean 2...LOVE U