Sunday, August 10, 2008

Warmness on a damp day...

Last night I saw so many people. My friend and I went to a reunion for the Independence Program. We go each year and it's always different. Having been to Ryerson twice this week, I knew my way there, but we got soaked. We were laughing, so now we made a memory. It was good to catch up with people who I hadn't seen in so many years. I felt old. There were about six friends I really miss who I got to chat with, which made the whole evening worthwhile. Everyone seems to have matured. Time does that. For most of us anyway. A few of my friends got choked up talking about Ian, who we all met at the program. It has happened every year since he's been gone. It's healthy and touching that he means so much. Hopefully Ian knows that he matters, even if he can't be here.

We chose to take a bus home. The rain had passed, but I think we made a wise choice, especially since my neighbourhood can get a bit seedy at night. Being home around ten, we thought we'd venture out and go to a coffee shop or bar. First we went into a coffee shop, but they were just about to close, so we tried a bar. A big, muscular bouncer greeted us at the door and asked for my age and identification. I knew we weren't getting in. I don't have identification. Truthfully, I wasn't all that disappointed. Bars aren't really my scene; coffee shops are. We ended up going to the Golden Griddle where my friend had tea and I had hot water with lemon. It was a cozy experience and it warmed me up -probably better than any drink at a bar could do. Sometimes it pays not to look my age.

Today was a rainy, dreary one. My friend and I went out for breakfast. It was nice to do something different. I'm always home for breakfast. We decided on a restaurant called Rich Tree, a self-serve cafe. I had toast, which isn't too exciting, but I enjoyed being out and about. Hopefully my friend did too.

Given the rainy weather, we opted to see Sex And The City at the theater near my apartment. My friend really enjoyed it. I did too, especially the second time around. It's such a chick flick. As I watched it again, I realized how fortunate I am that the Observer was willing to go see such a female friendly movie. What a sweet guy.

Speaking of the Observer, I really miss him. Friday was the last I heard from him. I wonder what he is doing right now. Today is the wedding, so maybe he is dancing with family, kissing relatives or eating anti-pasto. Whatever he's up to, I hope he's having fun. I'm looking forward to the Observer's return. I enjoy spending time with my friend, but I miss the Observer's company, affection and laugh. He's one of a kind.

I have amazing people in my life. I may not look twenty-five, but I have been around long enough to understand that spending a rainy Sunday at the movies with a friend is something to be thankful for.


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i'm glad you got to catch up with old friends......