Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The world through black coloured glasses...

Today I had a visitor from the Independence program, (the place where I have been working and talking about for the last few weeks.) Part of the last week is going to interview a person with a disability who lives in the community to see and find how he or she functions. I have had a visitor just about every year since leaving home. It's an hour every summer that I always look forward to. It's a chance to talk to an ambitious young person and we learn from each other.

Well, I had a bit of an idea that my visitor was not the most perky and motivated of girls. I got to know her during my nights working at Ryerson and realized quickly that her biggest obstacle is her attitude. She sees every challenge as negative and complains. That said, my visitor did make an effort to chat with me during my first night at Ryerson. People who go out of their way to talk to a new person in a group usually have some good qualities. I was told by the program director to try to give my visitor a "gentle dose of reality." She came with a friend of mine who is also a staff and former participant. I was happy to see my friend and we had trouble involving the participant in the conversation. She was falling asleep. After touring my apartment, my visitor brightened up but kept talking about how much she couldn't wait to give the program staff a piece of her mind over not being to reach the toaster. I listened and tried to point out the positive which seemed to annoy her but it's hard to say for sure because her eyes were closing.

I don't know whether my visitor benefited from our chat. Probably not, but it's alright. I hope she has a good sleep tonight. She needs rest. Maybe life will look brighter to her tomorrow. It's hard to say whether one good sleep can change a person who views things from the dark side, but a night of high quaility zzzs can't hurt her.