Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All for a bit of nicotine...

Another beautiful day of sunshine and breezy weather is nearing end tonight. Please let tomorrow be as pleasant. Last night I was at odds for how to spend my latter hours before sleep. I decided from the looking out my window that it was too pretty of an evening to waste thinking about what to do. I wandered the streets for a bit of people watching and eavesdropping. I wandered past a "men's bar" and saw a drag queen with white hair wearing a sparkly dress. Living in the gay village, it's no surprise or unusual sight, but I sped up. The "lady" was all dolled up and looked almost freakish. Her wardrobe and characteristics were pronounced in a way that made me nervous.

Every night around this time, I hear someone retching. Loud, violent spurts of choking and coughing grab my attention. At first I felt sorry for whoever was making the sounds. The noise didn't sound healthy and no one likes throwing up. Poor soul. After four nights of hearing the same rattling episodes, I knew it was more than someone with a bad case of stomach upset. After some investigation, I learned that it's a guy in my building smoking. He's disabled and must have trouble inhaling and exhaling. He's eccentric, rude and known for his reckless ways. Poor vomitting soul? I think not! Anyone willing to go through all that disturbance in the name of smoking has issues. I wasn't trying to be a busybody with my inquiry of where the noise might be coming from, even though I felt like one. After knowing the story behind the loud, disturbing production, it sounds like my neighbour is the one who needs to butt out.


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