Monday, September 15, 2008

A change of tune...

My arms and legs feel like jelly. My body is relaxed and lose. It's a rare and comforting feeling. My muscles and appendages are usually a bit stiff, but not today. I could be so relaxed because I am tired. For the last week, I haven't slept well. I have been drinking a bit more coffee than usual and this can keep me awake at night. It was worth it. Rarely do I complain about a symptom of mine related to drinking coffee. Some things in life are worth paying a small price.

I am listening to the Violet Hill album from Coldplay. The Observer gave it to me along with B Sides from Sarah McLaughlin in July. The B Sides album has remained in my CD player from July until today. I didn't listen to her CD every day, but when I felt like listening to something pretty or soothing, I'd press "CD and Play," which ended up being quite often. The Observer helped me out by moving my CD case within my reach on my kitchen table. I knew today was a day of change. I love Coldplay and Violet Hill is a beautiful work of art. I don't know the names of each track yet, if I end up listening to the CD like I did B Sides, I have a few months to learn the names of the songs. For now, I can only tell that the music sounds beautiful. For tonight, that's good enough.


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