Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clop on the street...

I had a few errands to run tonight. At the crosswalk close to the store I needed to visit, I sensed something was about to happen. You know how you can "feel" the ground moving? That's what I experienced. There was a "clop clop" noise coming closer to me. I know that noise. It can only come from one beautiful animal. It was a police horse. There was a female officer on horseback. I know she knows my Dad. He worked on the Mounted Unit for twenty-five years as a trainer. How could this woman not know Dad? As I often do around police officers, I began to fidget nervously and prayed for the light to change quickly. Most of the time, when I come across a stranger who I know is somehow connected to my life or the people in it, it's easy for me to be friendly and sociable. When it comes to police officers, I turn into a silent, awkward, dumfounded lady. I get embarrassed drawing attention to myself in public. People stare at me often because I'm different. They stare at police offices on horseback because it's not something they see every day. I feel shy to approach an officer sitting atop a horse, as it may seem like an unusual scene to bystanders - two people who deviate from the norm. There's also the fact that a horse is huge and I'm lower than average because of my permanent sitting status. Talking to someone so high up would be awkward.

I turned in the other direction and hoped the woman didn't know whose daughter I was. I missed the chance to make a connection and talk about my Dad, which does make me a little sad.

On the way home, a tourist bus was unloading passengers and a slew of bags were in my way. The bus driver saw me and automatically moved the bags. I smiled and thanked him. I like to have a quiet presence on the street. Maybe one day I will work up the courage to put out my hand and stroke a police horse without saying anything. I'd like to do that and it would make my Dad happy.


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