Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coffee for two and dinner for one...

Grey's Anatomy is on. It's the season premiere. I'm watching it, but it's a two hour episode and the second hour is not as good as the first.

TV is enjoyable now because there are new seasons starting. I don't watch many shows. Oprah and Grey's Anatomy are my favourites. ER is good too. Before hitting the sack last night, I watched an episode of Oprah that made me cry. It was about a Mom who contracted flesh eating disease and lost all four of her limbs. Throughout her ordeal, her main focus was always on going to her small children and being their Mom. She was inspiring and the story had to be special to bring me to tears.

I had coffee with a friend this afternoon. We had a long, happy talk. My coffee was good, but the person who poured it left the cup a quarter empty. Call me cheap, but when it comes to coffee, I don't like to be short changed.

I did something tonight that I've never done before. I went out for dinner. Alone. I was longer at the coffee shop than planned and missed my scheduled time with my attendant. Having eaten candy today, I wanted a wholesome dinner, but wasn't in the grocery shopping mind frame. Why not? I ordered a garden salad with grilled chicken and water with lemon. Being a new experience, I wanted to take my time. How could I decide if I liked dining solo alone if I rushed through my meal? I stabbed and ate the tomatoes in my salad first, then used my straw to apply pressure to the lemon in my water glass in order to release the lemony goodness. I took my time sipping. Moving on to the chicken, I cut it with my fork since the pieces were stuck together. I ate the chicken pretty quickly before eating the rest of my greens. At the end, I finished my water and found it refreshing. Salad always takes me a while to eat; that's why I ordered it.

I asked to see the dessert menu, but I knew I wasn't going to order anything. It was fun to look. Dining solo was OK. My meal was basic - maybe because I was only hanging out with myself and that's not too exciting. If I were with the Observer or a friend, I might have looked more closely at the dessert menu. After all, sweet endings rarely involve just one person.


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