Monday, September 29, 2008

For the love of living...

I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go home on Saturday. I am glad I did. Going home is always a wise choice. My parents are the only people I know who are happy to see me anytime. Well, maybe the same can be said of the Observer, but my parents and I have a longer history. Sleeping in and seeing Riley the puppy was fun. She is growing and is so sweet. Her nose often nudges my arm to say, "Hey, please give me some loving." I felt a bit sad saying goobye to my family, but I will be home again soon. That's the amazing part of any home; if we're lucky we can visit often and it doesn't change much.

On Saturday I went to the Observer's parents' house for a visit. Seeing the Observer's Mom and Dad feels similar to seeing my own family. They are warm and I feel safe in their company. We watched Smart People and most of Run Fat Boy Run. We were eating during while watching, so I missed some parts of both movies, but I still enjoyed each. Run Fat Boy Run looks to be the lighter, funnier option, though I think they are both good choices depending on one's mood.

One the way home from the Observer's parents' home to my family, my taxi driver had to pick up another passenger. The driver is my favourite. He is kind and wise. He warned me ahead that the passenger he was about to pick up was a very large lady. He was concerned that she would have trouble fitting in the taxi. I saw for myself that the lady was big and my heart went out to her when I saw her oxygen tank. Her quality of life can't be very high. Being one person in the world is hard enough. Imagine taking up the space of two people but only being recognized as one person. No one wants to live this way. Just as I knew he would, the driver did his job beyond what is expected. He made every effort to ensure that the lady made it to her seat and was comfortable without making a big deal about her size. She was quiet, but I could tell she was friendly. Hopefully I'll see her again, because I had the hunch that she has an interesting story. Travelling on a bus is an opportunity to hear stories we might not otherwise.

I ate too much this weekend. In two days, I ate double the amount of food I usually do. Some of my choices were wholesome, comforting foods and a few were purely greedy. Last night I met the Observer for dinner before making the trek back downtown. We went to Boston Pizza and he ordered a chicken wrap stuffed with chicken and noodles. After eating half, he decided it didn't taste good and pushed away his plate. Wasting food bothers me, so I finished his wrap, even though my stomach was comfortably full. I knew the Observer didn't have much dinner, so when he suggested going to a favourite restaurant nearby for dessert, I agreed. We shared the peanut butter brownie sundae, a dessert I like to call "heaven in a bowl." I wasn't hungry, but I enjoyed sharing the chocolaty experience with the Observer. I know I gained weight, but sometimes a girl needs to let go and eat.





Lurker said...

I actually saw "Smart People" myself this weekend thought it was pretty interesting very unlike a lot of the movies made by Hollywood these days. That Ellen Page can really act, if you ever get a chance you should check her out in a movie called "Hard Candy". Very intense performance by her, at times almost scary.

Compared to "Smart People", "Hard Candy" is more of a psychological thriller but a very good one. She does an amazing job in it.