Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny sweetness...

I lost the remote control for the TV in my bedroom. It's nowhere to be found. If it were any other remote control, I wouldn't be too worried; I could easy still flip channels using the buttons on my TV. However, this isn't possible when I'm in bed. I need to the remote to turn the TV on, adjust the volume, flip channels, and turn the TV off. Without it, watching TV means watching one channel until someone comes and turns the tube off. I watched the Slice Channel for a long time last night. Most of the shows are good. By the time someone came to help me reposition myself, it was around 4:00 am, I had been drifting in and out of sleep, but didn't get any high quality sleep. Oh well, I will sleep tonight.

I am in a bit of a fog today. I am not quite sure what to do with myself. I went to this underground food court that has a grocery store. I bought some grapes for a snack. As I opened the bag to begin eating, an older lady stopped and asked if she could help me by "getting a knife to cut that." I know she was only trying to help, but I have never heard of green grapes needing to be cut. Maybe she didn't see what I was eating and her biggest concern was helping me in whatever way she could. I am choosing to believe that, but it is funny to think of cutting green grapes. What a slimy, green, juicy mess that would make. Maybe, like me, she didn't sleep well. None of that matters though. What does matter is that the woman was kind and made me smile.


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we will find ur remote