Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How long do we stop and chat?

The sun is out today. It's a bright fall day. Weather like this always makes me happy. I wish I was in better spirits. My stomach is upset. Since it's often unsettled, I don't see much point complaining. Things could be worse....

In Shoppers Drug Mart this afternoon, I couldn't find what I was looking for. The head on my cleaning mop is worn out. Whenever it gets used, little mop bits come off on the floor, which kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning, right? Well, after wandering around for too long, searching through each aisle, I decided to ask for help. The girl I asked was kind and gladly located a mop head. Why didn't I ask an employee to me help right away? I do enjoy browsing. I bought two packets of individually portioned rainbow coloured twizzlers that were on sale for forty cents each. Looking at the bright colours made me want them. After eating one packet, I discovered the licorice tastes funky. Now I know why it was on sale.

My last stop was the dollar store. My trips there rarely involve a purchase. It's fun to look at all the little nick nacs that I would never need. There was nothing that caught my eye. As I was leaving, I saw a friendly neighbour from my building. We always stop and chat. I said hello and he joked with me. I thought he had to get going, so I told him to have a good afternoon, but I think he wanted to say more. Next time I will take his cues. When we see someone in passing, how do we know how long to stop and chat without appearing rushed or rude?

I am sitting here typing with one summer sandal in my lap. A few minutes ago, a big, long, brown big with lots of feelers ran across my window ledge. He just fell to the floor. Once he makes his way back within my sight, my sandal, the bug and I are going to have a quick chat. I know it won't take long.