Saturday, September 06, 2008

In search of the perfect little presents...

This morning I wandered around the drugstore unsure of what to buy. I need two small presents. One is for my family - the other for a good friend I am having dinner with today. My first thought was to wheel down to the St. Lawrence Market and pick up a sticky bun for my family. My Dad LOVES them, but I didn't think there was enough time to go that distance. My heart wasn't into rushing there and trying to get home so my attendant could help me get ready to go home. My friend and I are both big fans of candy and sweets of any sort. I spotted pink M & M's on the shelf in Shopper's Drug Mart. A few years ago, the same friend gave me a very cute white bowl with M & M characters painted inside. It's my favourite bowl and every time I use it while eating salad, cereal, crackers or popcorn, I have the sudden urge to call my friend. Hopefully one of these days I can find a gift for her that she is as sentimental about as I am about the M & M bowl. I decided against the pink M & M's because they were a little pricey and they probably don't taste much different from standard M and M's. Yes, the candy was cute, but in the end, taste matters more than appearance, at least to me. I have to catch my bus to go into Mississauga at a mall, so I think I will pick my friend up some Junior Mints. We both love anything mint flavoured, so I think I'm safe.

I picked up a health magazine for my Mom. I think it's a new one and it's affiliated with Reader's Digest, which my Dad enjoys reading, so maybe they will both make use of it. I wish I could bring my Mom a flower or plant, but it's challenging when going home involves two buses. Maybe I'll buy her a flower tomorrow. If I am ever a Mom, maybe I will tell my son or daughter how I used to wish I could buy my own Mom flowers more often. Maybe when Mom is a grandmother, she'll get even more flowers. I hope so.


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