Monday, September 22, 2008

A long way for coffee...

Today I was late for a coffee date. I hate being late. My friend had an appointment near a trendy part of the city. There are coffee shops within steps of each other. Since I used to live around the area and enjoy going there any chance I have, I offered to come to her. Well, remember how I have been referring to wheeling to my old neighbourhood lately? I did just that. It took longer than I expected, so I called my friend to give a heads up that I would be late. Her voice sounded agitated on the phone when she told me that she was already at the coffee shop. I tried not to let her tone get to me, but it did. I was stressed and tried to speed up. Five minutes from the coffee shop, my phone rang again. My friend wanted to know where I was. Once inside, I looked up and saw stairs. I don't do stairs, but either does my friend. After consulting her, I found my way to the coffee shop and my friend. Thankfully she warmed up to me as we chatted and sipped. Coffee does that.

My friend didn't know that I wheeled from apartment to meet her. She would have thought I was crazy, but maybe she would have better understood why I was late. When friends are late to meet me, I try not to get too upset. There may be reasons for their lateness that I don't know or, in this case, distances they travelled to see me.


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@ least you got to see her. thats what is important