Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A miffing miss...

Tonight the Observer and I went to see the animated movie Igor. Movies at Woodbine mall on Tuesdays are only $4, so if there is a good choice, we go for it. Igor was my pick and unfortunately, it wasn't all that appealing. It is the story of a hunchback trying to prove himself in the science world by creating the most evil creature around. Igor is the classic tale of good and evil with a few modern twists. There was quite a lot of violence and evil activity. The Observer nudged me halfway through the movie and said that most kids under 12 would probably be scared. I agreed. There were only a few parts that made me smile. The female characters made the movie and that's always refreshing.

The Observer "missed" his ride home from Woodbine. He was waiting at the right spot at the right time, so how could he miss his bus? The bus company sent another ride, but he was very upset and rightly so. When we do all the right things, follow all the rules and still end up in a pickle, how can we not be upset? I just hung up from talking to him and he's still angry. Having "missed" my bus before myself, the frustration does take a while to subside. "Missing" a wheelchair bus sucks. It's not like there is the option of hoping on another one. Now that the Observer's maddening ordeal is over, I tried to optimistically point out that at least his second ride arrived quickly, but he's still annoyed which and that's understandable. The Observer is so good natured most of the time that I think he has every right to be frustrated now and then. If we can't be fed up when we miss a bus though no fault of our own, when is it acceptable to be miffed?


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