Saturday, September 27, 2008

A night on the town...

It's a dreary, gray, rainy, Saturday. The weather reminds me of before fall when things start to cool off and the leaves are becoming pretty. Today isn't cold, so I'm not complaining.

Last night the Observer and I were out on the town. Whenever possible now, we try to take advantage of being able to go out easily, because this won't be the case when winter arrives. The Observer is a big fan of Pizza Nova. I have only had pizza from there a few times. Between the two of us, he's the pizza expert, which makes sense given that he's Italian. There's a Pizza Nova near my apartment building that we decided to try. Once we got there, we realized there was a big step. I am always surprised to learn that common public places are still inaccessible. After living my whole life dealing with steps, stairs, bumps and barriers, you would think I'd be accustomed to the odd road block. Maybe I give society the benefit of the doubt.

I took the steps at Pizza Nova as a sign that I was meant to eat something else for dinner. My stomach led to Subway where I ordered a vegetarian sandwich. The Observer and I met up at the pizza shop where he was waiting for his order. I'm not sure weather it is okay to bring food from a different restaurant into another one, but the girl at the counter just smiled.

After we ate, I wanted to try a new coffee shop nearby. The high end equipment and classy atmosphere catches my eye every time I pass the place. As soon as we stepped inside, I know this was a place that made coffee the way God intended. I noticed an expensive espresso machine on the counter which is always a good sign.
I ordered an Americano, a shot of watered down espresso. The barista was cute and funky. When I gave the specifics of how I like my coffee, he asked if I wanted my skim milk heated. I knew then that my coffee would be delicious. It was foamy, hot, smooth and sweet - everything I love about coffee. I will be back to that coffee shop.

The Observer and I went to a busy music store. There were upbeat tunes playing and my insides still felt warm from my yummy Americano. That's what I call the good life.