Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old age, love, friendship and coffee...

I'm sitting here listening to a song called Wore Me Down by Rachel Yamagata. I am impressed after my first listen.

The air feels even chillier. I wheeled to an appointment and had to go quite far. The way there seemed less chilly than the way home. The sun was starting to go down so maybe that's why.

A woman who looked about eighty years old came into the waiting room where I was also waiting. She struggled with every step and winced as she lowered herself into a chair. Watching her was painful. The receptionist approached and told her that she missed her appointment. (It was sheduled for last week, not today). The poor woman's face fell and she looked so frustrated. The receptionist was very terse and matter of fact. In my opinion, an eighty-something year old woman deserves a little sensitivity. After using her brain for so many years, of course her memory is a little rusty. Whose wouldn't be?

I bumped into a friend in the waiting room. She had time to kill so we went out for coffee. It was sweet surprise. My friend is "seeing" a friend of the Observer's. The whole circle of "connections" makes me a bit nervous. My friend was complaining about her new boyfriend, but I can tell she is smitten. Complaining is her favourite past-time. I think she even does it on Thanksgiving and her birthday. The fact that she spent so much time talking about the Observer's friend shows something. I tried to be a good listener and friend. Many of her "complaints" are issues that crop up in all relationships - no matter how good it is. I gently reassured her that, speaking from experience, there are some things we can't understand about the opposite sex. This works both ways. All we can really do is try our best to appreciate each other and accept our differences. If we are lucky, we find a man who sticks around when we are eighty and confuse our appointments.



Lurker said...

Yeah Rachel Yamagata is really great, I discovered her a few year's ago myself back when The O.C. was still on the air.

If you get a chance you should also check out these 2 songs by her "Reason Why" and definitely check out "Be Be Your Love" I think you'll like 'em.

She sometimes reminds me of Sarah Mclachlan a little, with the simple piano melodies.


don't be nervous hun it will work it out....