Saturday, September 13, 2008

The sweet lady on the bus...

This morning I sat at my kitchen table and started reading Celebrity Detox by Rosie O'Donnell. It's a fast read and sure shows how gutsy and stubborn Rosie can be. That said, I still have much respect for Rosie and have always believed she is among the more down-to-earth stars. I loved her talk show growing up. It was an example of fun-for-all-ages, clean TV. Rosie never disappointed and I could always count on her for a laugh. Her appeal is that she is real, sometimes too real for some people. Realness is always a positive attribute if you ask me. I enjoyed myself as I read and sipped my coffee. It was hot and strong - just how I like it. Peaceful, low-key mornings with steaming coffee are my favourite kind. I think my start to the day was good for my soul.

Outside is grayish. I think it might rain. The Observer is coming over. I am looking out my window and see a Wheel-trans bus pulling away from my apartment. It's probably the Observer's bus.

Speaking of buses, yesterday afternoon I took the bus with a sweet Italian lady. It's not the first time we have met. She always gives the drivers a can of orange juice and apologizes that it is warm. She's the only person I know of who has given a bus driver anything besides a bus fare. She gave me gum, which I really appreciated. Just like all public transit, taking the bus means meeting all sorts of people. Some are OK, some complain, some are silent, and some are strange. Rarely have I met a passenger as kind as the one I bumped into yesterday. A can of orange juice and a piece of gum can mean a great deal when we are not expecting anything except basic pleasantries.

Rosie O'Donnell probably gives taxi drivers generous tips. In the life of the average person, a can of orange juice and a piece of gum ought to be equivalent.


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