Friday, September 19, 2008

Travelling without going anywhere...

Tonight I met one of my best friends at Union Station downtown. I love hanging out there. Seeing all of the people arriving or leaving on all of the buses, subways, and trains excites me. In a way, I almost feel like I am going on a trip myself, because I pick up that travelling vibe. It only takes a few blocks of wheeling to get to Union, so I feel lucky that I won't have to go far the next time that I am up for a bit of adventure. I got to the Station early so I wandered off and got lost. I was in the corporate sector of the city where many banks and businesses operate, so I met a few helpful people who pointed me in the right direction. New Kids On The Block were playing a concert not far from the station and I saw many fans excitedly en route, including a high school friend. She didn't hide her excitement. There were even fans my age with a New Kids blow-up doll screaming. Nostalgia can sure be powerful. I liked New Kids On The Block when I was about nine, but not for long. I guess they had very loyal fans and still do. The girls I saw tonight were so happy, and that made me smile.

I enjoyed my visit with my friend. We had dinner and a long talk over coffee. Just as I was about to head home, I met another childhood friend who was celebrating her birthday today. I was glad to wish her a happy birthday in person and we promised to get together soon. I know we will. There is no place like a train and subway station, because there is so much happening and all one needs to do is be there to feel a part of the action. What more can anyone ask for?



Lurker said...

Just saw on Facebook that you hang out with Em. Cool. I bet she was happy to see you.